BeGrateful is a useful tool to log and track the people places and things that you are grateful for. From your last meal to your youngest child and everything in between this will improve your outlook on all that you have to be grateful for.


Studies have shown that people that are grateful are happier, finally theres an app for that.

Improve your outlook.

Giving you a way to track your stats, post your scores with the capability to post your gratitudes to Facebook and Twitter while you are at it.

Share your Gratitude.

Great for letting your friends know what you are grateful for (thanks Mom). Seamlessly post your gratitudes to facebook and twitter.

Its Free!

Check out the BeGrateful app on iPhone and iTouch today.

Schedule your gratitude.

Reminders are a great way to track your shopping and when you need to change your oil. BeGrateful will help you set reminders to be grateful.

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Coming to the iPhone appstore in January 2012, BeGrateful is sure to help you fullfil your New Years resolution to be more grateful.


Currently in development.

Feel Better Already

This is a great app! Simple and easy to use it lets me record everything that I am grateful for, and helps me remember to remember that I do indeed have a lot to be grateful for. ~Nomad387, via iTunes

Good app, great idea, needs something

This is a good idea and easy to use interface. It's uplifting when you're feeling a bit down to see things you're grateful for. Really like this. Love the reminders also. So cool to be reminded of what you're grateful for. ~shadraq.theedge, via iTunes